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My photographs are a window to my experiences in Nature and my own way of connecting to the beautiful outdoors. In my photos, I strive to capture ‘Light’ and having found beautiful lighting, my next step is to search for anything earthbound (landscapes, figures) to match or complement it, and in the process create a moving narrative with visual harmony.

Photography often takes me to long hikes in the wildernesses as well as to short outdoor excursions close to home. Often, I envisage a composition, and return when I feel that the light will be right to make an evocative image. The pleasure of photographing the juxtapositions of light and land lies in waiting for the perfect, ephemeral moment, when everything sings together, and I freeze that personal experience with a shutter click.

Most of my images are made by a single click with the exception of panoramas and time lapse sequences. I take pride in witnessing Nature at its finest and as a principle, do not add fake colors, excessive saturation or contrast to my photos. Also, none of my images are doctored to add something that was not present in front of my lens.

I am a keen student of light and its nuances with a deep interest in optical atmospheric phenomena. Over the past two years, I have been involved in creating images, which combine these phenomena with the landscapes. It has been an intriguing project and I hope to actively continue it in the future, tying it up with my overall personal goal of photographing beautiful ‘Light’.